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Flavors of Asia at the Marriott Café

July 02, 2012 - Marriott Hotel Manila

Four culinary masters in one flavorful feast! From Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia, let us tantalize you with a masterpiece through a month-long celebration of Oriental flavors that’s Uniquely Marriott.

Dinner Buffet at Marriott Café
Php 2300 - Sunday to Thursday
Php 2500 - Friday to Saturday

People from around the world will agree that Asia, as we know it, is well known for it’s historical ruins, breath-taking landscapes, abundant beaches, and exquisite delicacies. Everyone would love to have the chance to travel across Asia but money and sometimes, time is also is a hindrance. Now Marriott Hotel Manila is giving a treat to all Filipinos and foreigners here in the Philippines to experience Asia without going any farther as they started a feast in their very own Marriott Cafe: Flavors of Asia where they bring together the best chef’s from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. That’s already four countries in one night with a price which is real worth it.

The Barbecue station.

Ice cream cakes.

Bloggers getting ready at The Den while waiting for the mighty chefs.

Then Ms. Vannah Santiago, PR of The Marriott Hotel Manila broke the momentum of the attendees by introducing the chef’s with their signature dishes. 

From Left to Right - Chef Dada Wahyudi of Indonesia, Chef Thanatorn Krobsuay of Thailand, Ruhizad Nuri of KL, Malaysia and Phan Tien Hoa of Saigon, Vietnam.

First was Thai Culinary Master Chef Thanatorn Krobsuay.

Next was JW Marriott’s Dada Wahyudi of Indonesia

Then it was my favorite chef from last night’s event Ruhizad Nuri of Renaissance Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Last but not the least to present was Phan Tien Hoa from another Renaissance, Saigon, Vietnam.

After presenting their dishes the we were given a chance to take pictures of the food and we also had photos with the chefs themselves. 

Rudstin with the Flavors of Asia chefs.

Then the bloggers had a game which is made up of two teams that consists eight members each.

After the game we were asked to walk to go straight ahead Marriott Cafe to have our dinner and Experience Asia ourselves.

Marriott Cafe Information Desk.

Chocolate Fondue.

Japanese deli.

Buttered Shrimp, Crab and Oyster.

A special dish from my favorite Chef, Crab and Meat with spicy sauce.

We had a lot of food to eat so we stopped taking photos and went to indulge with the goodies that Marriott has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Go experience Flavors of Asia yourself!

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